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The UML Object Constraint Language in Meta-modelling

I got a NSERC award to do this project on UML Object Constraint Language for Meta-modelling under the supervision of Prof. Hans Vangheluwe in summer, 2002.

In this project, I carefully studied the OCL2.0 specification and part of the UML specification and gave a presentation on OCL. Then, I designed prototypes of meta-model of OCL expression with ER model in ATOM3 environment. I also implemented a series of prototypes of an OCL parser and test them with cycle test. At last, I exploreed the possiblity of using ATOM3's graph grammar engine to compile OCL constraints to Python codes that carry out the actual checking.

To know more about this project, please refer to my report.

You can download the souce code of my OCL parser. But to actually diplay the graphical abstract syntax tree, you need to install ATOM3.

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