Opening a modeling environment

Before doing anything, let's clarify important concepts when we are modelying in AToM3:

Opening a model will load a previously created model in a given formalism
Opening a meta-model will load a formalism for creating a new model in that formalism.

AToM3 is able to generate user defined formalisms from models designed in the entity-relationship formalism.

Now we are almost ready to create our first Finite state automata (FSA) model with ATOM3 built-in FSA meta-model! The first step is to close any existing meta-model and to open the FSA meta-model. Right now, only the default meta-model should be opened. Click on "file", then on "close meta-model":  


Then, you select "entity relationship diagram" and you click on delete:  


Now, we are ready to open the FSA meta-model. Click on "file", then on "open meta-model":  


Then, you double-click on the directory "FSAModels":  


Finally, you load the file  


Now, we have loaded a formalism (FSA) in an environment for creating new models.