Exploring Graph Grammar rules: Transition Local

We are now going into the details of the third Graph Grammar rule which locates and simulate transition of type State A ==> State A. This rule is needed, because ATOM3 Graph Grammar consider that transition/Transition_local are different patterns. If you select "transitionlocal" and click on "edit":  


LSH/RHS: Left Hand Side/Right Hand Side  


The LHS ==> RHS will be the mapping of a state A to itself. If we click on the LHS button:  



We see that the LHS of this rule is only composed of one state that has a transition to itself. If we click on the RHS button:  



This is the same pattern as in the LHS. This graph grammar doesn't modify the graph, it will only show the output to the user!  



Same condition that in the transition rule  




Same action that in the transition rule