Loading the Graph Grammar Model

We are finally starting to analyse how we create a Graph Grammar. In order to do that, we will actually explain the model of the Graph Grammar of the previous step (if you did not closed the finished Graph Grammar, close it). The first thing to do is to load it by going into the "transformation" section of the task bar and click on "load transformation" and choose the file "FSA_Simulator_Model":  


Now, if you go again in the "transformation" section of the task bar and click on "edit transformation":  


Lets define the attributes of the Graph Grammar model 



The name of the generated executable Graph Grammar file. (Very important to specify!)  



This is a list of Rules that define the Graph Grammar. They get executed by their order of priority (the number on the right of the names), the lower number being executed first. Each rule transform a particular part of the graph so they work together toward the expected new instance of the graph. The graph grammar algorithm will try to execute every rule up to a time where it cannot find patterns that match one of the rules. We will see this in detail in the next step.  

Initial/Final Action


The initial action gets executed before the graph grammar while the final action is executed at the end.