by Juan de Lara

Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab

This document describes the AToM3 API and other design issues which can be of interest if you are planning to modify AToM3 itself, develop a complex meta-model or graph grammar. You don't need to read this manual if you are just using an already defined formalism or meta-modelling a relatively simple formalism.

The structure of this manual is as follows:

  1. Structure of AToM3 Objects.
    1. Example
  2. Structure of AToM3 Models.
    1. Example
  3. Specifying Constraints and Actions.
  4. AToM3 Graphics.
    1. The VisualObj class.
    2. The graphEntity class.
    3. The GraphicalForm class.
    4. The graphLink class.
    5. Example.
  5. AToM3 Types.
    1. Generative Types
  6. Graph Grammars.
    1. The GraphRewritingSys class
    2. The GraphGrammar class
    3. The GGrule class
    4. Example
  7. The ATOM3 class
  8. Debugging and common programming patterns.
    1. Common Programming Patterns
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