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5. AToM3 Basic Types

The base class for all AToM basic types is ATOM3Type, whose structure is shown in the following figure:

Figure 1: ATOM3Type class structure.
The meaning of the attributes is as follows: The meaning of the methods is as follows: The following table shows the available basic types in AToM3 as mentioned before, all of them inherit from ATOM3Type.
ATOM3Appearance A type to provide the lower meta-level entity with an icon-like appearance. When editing the icon, a dialog window is produced by the appearanceEditor class. Yes
ATOM3Attribute A type to provide the lower meta-level entity with an attribue of any kind, which in its turn can be ATOM3Attribute. Yes
ATOM3Boolean A boolean variable. No
ATOM3BottomType The bottom type, whose value is always None. No
ATOM3Connection Controls cardinalities between objects. Yes
ATOM3Constraint A generative type which creates a constraint in the lower meta-level entity Yes
ATOM3Enum Defines an enumerate variable. No
ATOM3File Produces a dialog window which allows the user to choose a file. No
ATOM3Float A float number type. No
ATOM3Integer An integer number type. No
ATOM3Link A type to provide the lower meta-level entity with a link-like appearance.  Yes
ATOM3List A list of some AToM3 type, including lists. No
ATOM3MSEnum A multiple selection enumerate type. No
ATOM3String A string type. No
Table 1: AToM3 Basic Types.

5.1 AToM3 Generative Types

Basic types can be regular or generative. The latter are the key concept in AToM3's meta-modelling approach. These are types which will generate an attribute, an appearance or a constraint in the lower meta-level entity. A meta-model is indeed a meta-meta-model if some of its entities have a generative-attribute.

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