COMP 304B Object-Oriented Software Design - Assignment 2

Practical information


This assignment will make you familiar with UML class diagrams, and code generation from them.
The grading scheme is as follows:

Upload all images, datafiles, source files and result files to WebCT and provide links to all of them from your index.html file.
Also include any additional information the corrector might require to correct the assignment.
Your submission should consist of three distinct directories: Task1, Task2, and Task3.


The I.T. department of a medium-sized consulting firm requires an inventory system. This system would allow them to individually track every piece of computer equipment used by the company. This includes computers, monitors, printers, etc. This is especially important given that the company has several offices located across North America.

The system should keep track of the following characteristics of equipment:

In addition,

The system also keeps track of employees. Although not as complete as a Human Resources (HR) system, it does record the following information :

Some information about locations is also stored :

Task 1

Draw a UML class diagram to model the above inventory system.

Task 2

Task 3

UML Software

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some UML tools you could use to do this assignment.

You can find more UML tools on Wikipedia

Make sure you can use the tool to draw UML 2.0 diagrams.

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