COMP 304B Object-Oriented Software Design -- Assignment 1

COMP 304B Object-Oriented Software Design - Assignment 1

Practical information


This assignment will make you familiar with unit testing, and with object-oriented programming in Python. It will also introduce you to relational databases. You will convert an Object-Oriented design into its relational counterpart for storage/retrieval in/from a database.

Upload all source and result files to WebCT and provide links to all of them from your index.html file.


Your solution will be based on prototype3.spreadsheetCells found in the following archive. This prototype comprises three modules:

A suite of tests for all the above is executed using the script Note that this script is most easily run on some UNIX variant. You are free to translate this to Python to make it more portable (to Windows variants for example).

Grading Scheme

Column Conversion

Column Manipulation (50% or 10% each) Serialization


Hans Vangheluwe Winter Term 2009.