2007 Winter Term COMP 304B (CRN 835)

Material for the Midterm

The Midterm encompasses material covered during the first 15 lectures of the class. This includes:

Additionnal Reading

You can get some extra information on the material by checking out a few chapters in the "Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Design in UML" book.

Note that Finite State Automaton and Activity diagrams are not covered by the book. Additional informations on FSAs is pretty easy to find. I recommend "Introduction to the Theory of Computer", by Micheal Sipser. Information on Activity diagrams is a little bit harder to find, given the changes they underwent in UML 2.0. However, there are plenty of good ressources to find on Google. Just make sure they are UML 2.0 compliant.

Other information on Statecharts can be found in the following article