Randy Paredis - Xtext (Bmod and Breact)


Xtext is a Java library that allows for the creation of custom DSLs (Domain Specific Languages). In this project, a DSL for Bmod (Building modeling) will be created and used to generate simulations on a certain floor of a building. The generated simulations should allow the architect (or any other user for that matter) to run simulations, step through them, rewind and check any dangerous conditions.

In conjunction with Bmod, there will also be a DSL called Breact, which will allow the architect to describe the way people will react in emergency situations.
The resulting project also creates C++-code that can be used in conjunction with PedSim, a pedestrian crowd simulator.

  Reading Phase

Reading Report (PDF)
Reading Presentation (PDF)

  Implementation Phase

Final Report (PDF)
Final Presentation (PDF)
Project Materials (on GitHub)