COMP 763 "Modelling and Simulation Based Design" (Winter 2008)

 Name: Raphael Mannadiar


 Title        : The RHAPSODY Semantics of Statecharts (aka On the Executable Core of the UML)

 Presentation :[pdf]
 Report       : As we agreed I did not produce a reading report. The allotted points were to be redistributed over the remainder of the course deliverables.


 Title        : Mobile Device Application Synthesis from Domain-specific Models

 Presentation [pdf]
 Report       [pdf]

 Contents of
  User Formalisms/PhoneApps/
  User Formalisms/TextualPhoneApps/
     copy these two folders to your User Formalisms directory
     contains the generated Android code for the 3 provided example applications
     contains the source and compiled versions of the report
     a script that once modified to use paths appropriate to your machine will copy generated files to appropriate locations

 Special Tools:
  1. Download the SDK from here.
  2. Install the SDK. Instructions here.
  3. Instal the Eclipse plugin. Instructions here.
  4. Create an Android project in Eclipse. Instructions here.
     Note: project name should be "PhoneApps", package should be "android_tests.PhoneApp".