Modelling and Simulation Based Design (COMP 763B)

Modelling and Simulation Based Design
Winter Term 2008 COMP 763B (CRN 3365)


Lectures about Petri Nets, Statecharts, and DEVS

See the lectures and notes of COMP 522

Modelling Languages, Formalisms, Syntax, Semantics, ...

Meta-modelling and Mega-modelling

Domain-Specific Modelling (DSM)

Model Transformation, Graph Transformation

Concrete Syntax: Visual Languages

Multi-Paradigm Modelling

Meta-modelling and Graph Transformation in AToM3

Formalisms for the description of reactive systems

Timed Automata and derivatives Synchronous Languages Statecharts

From behaviour requirements to execution

The Unified Modeling Language UML (and its consistency problems)

Model Driven Architecture

Model Based Design of User Interfaces


Miscellaneous interesting links

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