Amin Sepasian - Multi-level modelling with Melanee 


Domain specific languages (DSL) and DSL tools have achieved considerable success in the software engineering world. Melanee is one of the domain specific modeling (DSM) tools provides a Multi-level Modeling environment based on deep instantiation. The tool has been developed in the Department of software engineering of university of Mannheim, Germany, based on series papers of Thomas Kühne and Colin Atkinson from 1997 to 2003, where they develop their Multi-level Modeling concept. Melanee, Multi-Level Modeling and Ontology Engineering Environment, inherently supports two distinct fundamental classifications, Ontological and Linguistic, by its Orthogonal Classification Architecture. This paper gives an overview to Melanee tool.

Keywords: Domain Specific Modeling, Domain Specific Languages, Multi-level Modeling, Orthogonal Classification Architecture


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