Rule-Based Denotational Semantics 

  Assignment Goal

The goal of this assignment is to build a rule-based transformation for the denotational semantics of RPGGame in the form of a mapping to an existing Petrinets formalism. You can complete this assignment in groups of two students. The following tasks need to be completed:
  1. Implement a rule-based transformation that transforms RPGGame models into Petrinets models.
    • Make sure this transformation is complete, i.e., every well-formed RPGGame model produces a well-formed Petrinets (in the /Formalisms/PN formalisms).
    • Do not remove your RPGGame model during transformation. Instead, keep it and create traceability links between created Places and Transitions and the RPGGame element they correspond to. Use the /Formalisms/GenericGraph formalism for traceability links. These links will greatly help in implementing your transformation.
    • Petrinets are used to analyse safety properties of a system, such as deadlock. In the next assignment, you'll use the models generated in this assignment to perform analysis. Needless to say, the Petrinets resuling from your RPG game models will be abstractions. Make sure these abstractions are meaningful. It is useful to create an "intermediate" language to which you map first: this language is a reduced RPGGame language, only consisting of those concepts which map onto Petrinets constructs. Models are then first transformed to models in this language, after which they are transformed to Petrinets models.
  2. (Optional) Create an extension of the Petrinets simulator, so that during simulation, the related RPGGame model is updated as well. The behaviour in your RPGGame model must be the same as your rule-based operational semantics.
  3. Create test cases that test your RPGGame-to-PetriNet mapping.
  4. Write a report that:
    • explains the particularities of your solution and the difficulties you encountered;
    • sums up the desirable results for all your test cases (in the form of text/image).
The deadline for this assigment is Friday November 21, 2014, 14:00. You will have to submit your solution (AToMPM files and report) to Blackboard.

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