Mouzzam Hussain: Translating Statecharts to behaviourally equivalent Petri Nets (discrete-time semantics)

Model driven development is getting popular among researchers resulting in an existence of abundance of modeling languages. The descions of choos- ing a suitable language for the model under study rests with the requirements engineer. Shahram et al. (2009) have addressed this problem from a semantic point of view of Big Step Modeling Languages (BSMLs) which comes in the popular class of behavioral modeling languages such that model can respond to environmental input by executing multiple or concurrent transitions.In this article semantics of BSMLs are deconstructed into a set of orthognal semantics with advantages and disadvantages making it easier for the mod- eler to take a informed decision by taking in account the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
Keywords: Big Step Modeling Languages, Model Driven Development MDD, State Charts, Petri Nets.