Mohammad Amin Sepasian: RPG meta-modelling by arKItect

The under study tool, arKItect, is a commercial DSM tool to design large scale complex systems potentially interact with physical world. arKItect provides the possibility to create meta-model and graphical representation of desired DSM systems origin from different natures. Furthermore, the graphical representation is enabled to interact with other domains such as software domain, including block diagram,data flow and state diagram, resulting in changes in one of interacting domain upon a change occurs in the other interacting domain. Having different variants or configurations of a same system as well as being able to generating documents and reports are other features of arKItect.

The goal of this project is to implement a RPG framework using arKItect and investigate the possible features of this tool to provide what has been already done by AToMPM. Finally, the project demonstrates a comparison of AToMPM and arKItect.