Athanasios Koutoulas: Clafer

Clafer (class, feature, reference) is a lightweight modeling language. Lightweight modeling aims at improving the understanding of the problem domain in the early stages of software development and determining the requirements with fewer defects. Clafer's goal is to make lightweight modeling more accessible to a wider range of users and domains, including enterprise systems. This project focuses on the usage of the Clafer textual language for the implementation of various modeling configurations.

The tutorials/papers that are going to be discussed are the following:


2. Attributed Feature Models in Clafer,Kacper Bak, Generative Software Development Lab, University of Waterloo, Canada.

3. Clafer: a Unified Language for Class and Feature Modeling, Kacper Bak Generative Software Development Lab ,University of Waterloo, Canada

4. Domain Concept Modeling Using Clafer, A Tutorial By Michal Antkiewicz Version 9.2, Mar 20, 2012