Tentative Project Topics 
  1. modelling a sophisticated visual DCharts editor
    • study Statecharts in detail (> constraints)
    • implement contraints and layout
  2. textual DSLs: use Xtext, can generate editor (example: chess, e-mail queries)
  3. internal DSLs: scala
  4. internal DSLs: jetbrains
  5. comparing 2 graphical DSL editors: GMF, MetaEdit+, Poseidon for DSLs.
  6. add rule-based operational/denotational semantics to MetaEdit+ models (for Traffic)
  7. design/implement priority/rule-based transformation language, based on T-core transformation primitives
  8. a survey of Feature Modelling + visual modelling environment for FM in AToM^3
  9. Clafer (Class Diagrams and Features) + analysis
  10. Alloy (analysis by bounded exploration): link with Traffic example
  11. transforming Statecharts to Place/Transition Petri Nets
  12. UPPAAL for analysis of Traffic models
  13. QVT-R declarative modelling of relations/transformations. Medini QVT
  14. DSVL for Modelica
  15. DSM (PhoneApps) to Android: behaviour+layout+debugging -> SC -> Java code+XML
  16. DSM (PhoneApps) to Web App: behaviour+layout+debugging -> SC -> Javascript
  17. SCXML -> Javascript for synthesis of simple text editor from SC
  18. Play-In Play-Out
  19. modelling in-browser multi-object animation with multiple Statecharts
  20. Causal Block Diagram editor and simulator