Simulation of Infectious Diseases Using Agent-Based Versus System Dynamics Models


      Name       :	Omar Alam
      Student ID :	260455842
      e-mail     :


Abstract System dynamics and agent-based modeling are two approaches used in simulation experiments. In this paper, we implement a system dynamics model for infectious diseases (SIR model) using Causal Block Diagrams (CBD) and develop an agent-based model based on statecharts. Our agent-based modeling approach produces similar results to the system dynamics approach. We discuss in detail how this similarity between the two approaches is obtained.


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The project files: You find the python files here . You have to simulate the CBD model as usual. However, use this ST_Simulator provided in the zip file. The CBD MDL file is You may need to save the output as csv so you can plot the graphs. The statechart file is You need the following controller to instantiate and manage the statecharts. Just run the controller and it will instantiate 1000 statecharts and run the experiment. You can change the number of statecharts inside the controller.