Utilizing Graph Rewriting for Offline Narrative Generation

By: Ben Kybartas

In this project we present a system which uses graph rewriting techniques to create interesting and unique narratives for use within a video game environment. The system uses a graph containing an abstract representation of the game world that consists of entities and relations between entities. By discovering specific patterns within this graph, a narrative skeleton is created. From this skeleton, potential narrative "twists" are found by again searching for specific patterns within the game world. The narrative, in turn, causes changes within the game world. The final system creates a dynamic game environment which inspires narratives and in turn reacts to these narratives accordingly resulting in a unique and ever changing game experience.


When project is downloaded, it will be called somerandomcharacters.part. Simply rename it to somerandomcharacters.tar.gz and then extract it normally (it will extract to a folder called "project"). I am not sure why this error is occuring