2005 COMP 522A Modelling and Simulation Projects

The structure of a project


2004 Projects

Multi Paradigm Modeling and simulation of Engineering Change Management (ECM) Process, using IDEF, IDEF3 and Colored Petri Nets
(Imran Haider Malik and Imran Majid).

Statecharts for Game AI
(Billy Cheung).

A DEVS Model for Interconnection Networks in IP Routers
(David Meunier).

Coloured Petri Nets and CPN Tools
(Hon Cheong Tang).

Modelling of a Railway System in DEVS
(Julien Chebance and Yohan Launay).

Original Work

You are encouraged to help each other formulate the ideas behind projects and find inspiration in the literature and on the web, but each team is required to submit their own original work. Handing in work that is not your own, original work as if it is your own is plagiarism. All re-use, collaboration, inspiration must be explicitly mentioned in the assignment.
McGill University values academic integrity. Therefore all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the code of student conduct and disciplinary procedures (see www.mcgill.ca/integrity for more information).