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Modelling and Simulation: Schedule (tentative)

Modelling and Simulation: Schedule (tentative)

Wednesday 1September Course Introduction
Friday 3September Causal Block Diagrams - time-less
Monday 6September - Labour Day, no class -
Wednesday 8September Causal Block Diagrams - discrete-time
Friday 10September Causal Block Diagrams - continuous-time
Monday 13September tutorial: AToM3 internals
Wednesday 15September The Modelling and Simulation Process
Friday 17September demo: model-based complex systems design
Monday 20September A Hierarchy of System Specification
Wednesday 22September A Hierarchy of System Specification
Friday 24September State Automata
Monday 26September Petri Nets (basics)
Wednesday 28September Petri Nets (analysis)
Friday 1October presentation: projects
Monday 4October Statecharts (intro)
Wednesday 6October Statecharts (semantics)
Friday 8October tutorial: DCharts in AToM3
Monday 11October - Thanksgiving Day, no class -
Wednesday 13October Statecharts (applications)
Friday 15October The Event Scheduling World View
Monday 18October The Process Interaction World View
Wednesday 20October GPSS
Friday 22October GPSS
Monday 25October - no class -
Wednesday 27October - no class -
Friday 29October - no class -
Monday 1November GPSS
Wednesday 3November tutorial: GPSS World
Friday 5November DEVS (atomic)
Monday 8November DEVS (coupled)
Wednesday 10November DEVS (simulator)
Friday 12November tutorial: PythonDEVS
Monday 15November Animation
Wednesday 17November Continuous-time models (causal)
Friday 19November Population Dynamics
Monday 22November Forrester System Dynamics
Wednesday 24November Modelica: OO Modelling of Physical Systems
Friday 26November - work on project -
Monday 29November - work on project -
Wednesday 1December - work on project -
Friday 3December Project Presentations

All lectures and tutorials are held 8:00 - 9:30 in Trottier 1080.

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