Gordon's GPSS Examples

Below are the examples from Gordon's book, slightly modernized (mostly by using symbolic names wherever possible to increase readability).

The following file-types can be found below:

The files

Designing GPSS models visually in AToM3

Drawing of models may be done with AToM3. A version of AToM3 with GPSS support is here [AToM3-GPSS-2.2.tgz] [AToM3-GPSS-2.2.zip]. In the GPSS/models directory, the models are call modelname_GPSS_mdl.py. Launch the ATOM3.py application to get started.

There is support (limited, use with caution) for .gps generation from a block diagram specification in AToM3. As GPSS World uses a binary format for GPSS models, you need to paste the .gps text file into a New Model window in GPSS World.