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Causal Block Diagram assignment

Causal Block Diagram assignment


General Information

The assignment

  1. You will use the meta-modelling environment AToM3 AToM3-2.2.tgz to implement a Discrete-Time Causal Block Diagram simulator.
    All relevant files are found in the directory CausalBlockDiagram/. Example models are found in the directory CausalBlockDiagram/models/.
    Implementing the simulator means you will modify the file SIM_startResume.py.
    You may wish to have a look at SIM_pause.py and SIM_reset.py. Actually, if you wish to understand how the plotting works, have a look in the Plotting/ directory. The PlotTest.py is a stand-alone script demonstrating the working of the plotter.
    As a starting point, you MUST read and understand DUMP_model.py. It contains examples of ALL parts of the AToM3 API you'll need.
    The SIM_startResume.py given is the solution to last year's assignment. It will work on models
    circle_CausalBlockDiagram_mdl.py, ballistic_CausalBlockDiagram_mdl.py,
    and lorenz_CausalBlockDiagram_mdl.py. That solution provides a Continuous-Time Causal Block Diagram simulator. Also, there is no SimControl block. Rather, simul_t_init, simul_t_final, simul_delta_t, and so on are given as explicitly as global model attributes.

  2. The simulator must be able to handle Discrete-Time models as well as purely algebraic models as shown in model algebraTest_CausalBlockDiagram_mdl.py. The model is shown in Figure 1
    Figure 1: Algebraic Model CBD
    Note how the time_max is 0.0. Your simulator should calculate a solution at that time only.

  3. The simulator must be able to detect dependency loops. The model loopTest_CausalBlockDiagram_mdl.py depicted in Figure 2 for example contains an algebraic loop. You must isolate the algebraic loop and HighLight the links involved. An example of highlighting is given in DUMP_model.py.
    Figure 2: Model containing Algebraic Loop

  4. Above all, the simulator must be able to handle delay blocks. The delayTest_CausalBlockDiagram_mdl.py model depicted in Figure 3 is an example.
    Figure 3: Model with Delay Block
    Note how in this example, the simulation termination condition uses the state variable x rather than time. When x reaches the value 50.0, the simulation should stop.

  5. Unlike last year, you must now keep signal values in the signal attribute (an AToM3 list) of each link node. You can now ignore block attributes such as block_out_value and block_tmp_value.

  6. Note how you must handle all block types except Integrator, Derivative, Time, FileIO.

  7. You must build a model for the "circle test". This is the Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE)
    x"=-x, x(0)=0, x(0)=1.
    Using integrator blocks, this is shown in Figure 4.
    Figure 4: Circle Test Model
    You must us a discretized version (using only Delay blocks) of the ODE. You must however use a discretization of Derivatives rather than of Integrators.

  8. You must include plots of relevant simulation results in your solution report. The best way to do this is to File/Generate PostScript from model from the AToM3 menu bar. You can then convert this .eps file to a bitmap using for example the display tool on Linux machines.

Using the AToM3 environment

Download AToM3-2.2.tgz archive.
Expand it locally (for example with the command tar -ungzip -xvof AToM3-2.2.tgz if you're working on a UNIX machine. This will create a directory AToM3-2.2.
To start the AToM3 environment, python ATOM3.py. python should be at least version 2.2 of Python (this is installed in the SOCS labs). On UNIX, the script atom3 is a shortcut for the above command. On windows, you can just click on the ATOM3 icon to launch it.
AToM3 will be started with the CausalBlockDiagram formalism loaded. You can either build your own model (and File/Save it) or File/open an existing one. In the directory CausalBlockDiagram/models/ you will find the example models.
When AToM3 starts with the CausalBlockDiagram formalism, it will use a number of files in the CausalBlockDiagram directory:

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