observation <-> lengthy presentations
suggestion <1> shorter presentations, volunteers-himself to be the next time keeper

evaluation <+> actually quite productive
observation <+> synergy between group elements and between groups
suggestion <1> continue synergy and collaboration after the workshop
suggestion <2> more synergies with Joerg's group and explore intersections

evaluation <+> productive workshop
evaluation <-> food issues at Bellairs

evaluation <+> small groups
observation <+> lots of ideas
observation <-> bedroom is noisy: source = road

observation <+> community builder
observation <+> format: invitation-based is good
observation <-> not enough blackboards
suggestion <1> more blackboards

evaluation <+> intense and productive
observation <+> no mosquitos
suggestion <1> tell guests to prepare a talk in advance before coming
               reason: to avoid having them to prepare during the workshop
observation <+/-> sleep deprivation lifestyle

observation <+> liked his roommate
evaluation <+> meeting new people and good discussions
suggestion <-> more general presentations
               reason: junior researcher wants to learn and get information
observation <-> break for lunch is long, and evenings are really long

evaluation <+> working sessions are organized
suggestion <1> more tutorials
               reason: good to learn for junior researcher
observation <+> had the chance to meet Didier's other students
observation <+> nice internet

observation <+> nice internet
observation <-> far from Europe
suggestion <1> more boards

evaluation <+> jump in quality (in infrastructures)
evaluation <+> good discussions:
               example: trying to apply theory on a practical application
evaluation <+> liked to meet known people

evaluation <+> liked to meet the turtles
evaluation <+> liked his group
observation <+/-> passionate discussions during the workshop
evaluation <+> liked the discussions with other groups
               reason: cross fertilization
observation <-> workshop was too short
observation <-> the afternoon break was too long
suggestion <1> for instance, could start at 7am

suggestion  should use design thinking process in the future

evaluation <+> good format
evaluation <+> good schedule
               reason: likes to work after a good lunch break
suggestion <1> science (in general) should be like this (as in the workshop)
               = try to solve things together
suggestion <2> more blackboards
suggestion <3> faster presentations
suggestion <4> laptops should not be allowed

evaluation <+> this time was out of the box, like in the old days
evaluation <-> food issues at Bellairs
suggestion <1> delivery service Just Grillin for dinner?